Monday, November 26, 2012

Naming Contest for Blog!

Recently, I've become more aware of search engine optimization. These are strategies to increase the likelihood your site or blog will come up sooner rather than later in a search on a given term. For example, "addiction." Although I am personally attached to the name Substance Matters, it doesn't necessarily come to mind (or search engine) when someone enters a search term related to the use of intoxicants and substance use disorders.

So it needs a new name, and I need your help. So... I'm open to suggestions for a new name that will maximize visibility on the web. It may end up having to be boring, for example, it may have to have addiction in the title. But, let's see what we can come up with.

Thanks to my followers and contributors, and thanks for helping me out with a new name.

So please send your suggestions, and then I'll give you all a chance to vote on the best 3 names submitted. How about that?

Hmmmm..... Intoxiblog? Addiction and More? Addiction 21? Alltyr Addiction Blog? 21st Century Addiction Blog? Lindsey, Dr. Drew and Mel Blog?


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