Friday, November 9, 2012

New Anne Fletcher Book!

Anne Fletcher, author of Sober for Good, Thin for Life, and other books about how people overcome destructive health behaviors, recently commented on my blog about Hazelden's historic shift to (finally, and belatedly) embrace Suboxone maintenance for opioid addiction. She wanted me to add that she hopes those with a public voice who've spoken out against maintenance treatment, including Dr. Drew Pinsky and Russell Brand, will come along, too. (They seem to subscribe to ideology or opinion or hot air, not science). Please visit her website at for more info. Her newest book chronicles the stories of people who have been through rehab, 12-Step and others. It is a great read! (Full disclosure: I served as an informal and unpaid consultant on the book, offering opinions about various evidence-based topics. But I don't have any financial connection to Anne or the book.) This book offers an unparalleled view of the "real" world of rehab, and who benefits, and the many who do not, or are harmed by the cookie-cutter approach used by most rehabs in the country. I highly recommend it. It's due out in Feb 2013. Look for it!


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