Friday, April 19, 2013

I Challenge You to Find a Better Deal in Integrated Addiction & Psychiatric Treatment

First, my apologies for the drought in blogs lately. The last few weeks have been among the busiest in my life. Feels like internship all over again! Ian McLoone has been helping me with blog writing, and I haven't even had time to quickly look them over before publishing.

Busy is good to an extent, of course. The good news is that Alltyr is catching on, with very little marketing. Granted, being mentioned (with a very appreciated link) in Jane Brody's column, and the publication of Inside Rehab have propelled things along rather quickly, and to some extent it caught us off guard. But the new office in the 1st National Bank Bldg in St. Paul, MN is great. I love the building! Built in 1931, with lots of wonderful marble, and marvelous metalwork around the elevators. And, get this, planters with orchids all over the main level. In St. Paul, "the main level" is confusing. If you drive through downtown St. Paul, it looks like a kind of abandoned city on the street level. There's not much there except bus stops and the new light rail stops. Thing is, all the action occurs one story up, on the Skyway Level. Most buildings in downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis are connected to skyways. Skyways are connections between buildings 1 floor up from the street. So when I go to work there, I park in the heated garage in the building, leave my coat in the car, take the elevator to the skyway level. Here is where there are restaurants and delis, dry cleaning places, hair stylists, food courts, etc.

In addition to the office space, there are great amenities, including conference and training facilities at no extra charge and a modern workout facility, all included in the rent. And, we are in front of one of the new light rail stops, so it will be very easy to get here.

There are several suites on our current floor, which we are looking at for clinic expansion. My goal is to open a full -service SUD clinic in the fall of 2013. We are also talking to providers of sober housing. The idea is to create a comprehensive, state-of-the-art system of care that is based on 21st Century science, compassion and common sense.

We are also in discussions with local health plans, who are very interested in what we are doing. Remember, they are paying a lot for repeated useless residential and IOP rehabs. For example, a local nationally known provider charges about $30,000 for a 28-day residential rehab. I don't know what kind of discount the health plans get, but let's say they are paying $20,000 for it. Another prominent provider in the area charges $10,000 cash up front for a very pedestrian IOP with no housing. Alltyr's intensive services package, which includes a comprehensive evaluation by a physician (not a counselor), 10 1-hour psychotherapy and medication management visits, plus 25 30-minute therapy and medication visits over the course of a year, is only $4800, discounted from $5400 if purchased separately. Sober housing I'm going to estimate high at $1200 per month. So, for under $7,000, Alltyr Clinic will provide treatment services for a year plus 1 month supervised sober housing.  And with results that are guaranteed to be superior, because Alltyr's program includes completely integrated psychiatric treatment and uses all available treatment modalities.

I challenge you to find a better deal anywhere.


  1. What are your numbers for probabilities of a positive outcome? how are you working out the science of "And with results that are guaranteed to be superior, because Alltyr's program includes completely integrated psychiatric treatment and uses all available treatment modalities."?????

    I get a better sense from you than anything else that I have experience.

  2. Sounds fantastic Mark, and I would love to visit you at some future time. Your model makes a lot of sense, and in our very small, underfunded NPO setting we are trying to implement a similar tiered and individualised approach. Makes a difference from simply chucking everyone into rehab!

    I wish you every success with your venture, and may it be a model for future treatment models.

  3. All I know is that today you were exactly what my 29 year old son needed. I am deeply grateful. He called me right after he saw you early this morning. It was the first time I heard "hope" in his voice. There was something other than a 12 Step approach. Please know how grateful his family is for your services. A MOTHER


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