Sunday, June 8, 2014

Alltyr Clinic Featured on NPR's Weekend Edition!

Alltyr Clinic is featured on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday today, June 8, 2014. We are positioned as an alternative to traditional rehab, in this case Hazelden. One of our patients, Shane Linehan, was brave enough to share his experience with both Hazelden (where he went first) and Alltyr Clinic (where he is being treated now.) I want to thank him and applaud his courage for speaking out. (For the record, Alltyr Clinic gave him no incentive; we simply offered the opportunity to many of our patients.) We are honored to be compared to arguably the best known traditional rehab in the country (if not the world.)

Unfortunately, in the summary on the program's landing page, our approach is described as being almost totally oriented around prescribing anti-relapse medications. Although we use every proven anti-relapse medication, we also use every evidence-based behavioral/psychosocial approach. This includes individual and group therapy using motivational, cognitive-behavioral, coping skills, 12-Step Facilitation, EMDR, CRAFT, DBT, psychodynamic, community reinforcement, couples and family approaches. Which we use depends on the needs of the patient. Our team includes addiction psychiatrists, addiction medicine specialists, psychologists, social workers, counselors and recovery coaches.

Furthermore, we fully integrate treatment for any co-existing mental health disorder, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, cognitive disorders, as well as medical problems such as insomnia and chronic pain. We really aim to be a "one-stop shop." If sober housing is needed we work with community partners to help our patients secure it. 
The bottom line is this: coming to Alltyr Clinic is like coming to a mental health clinic or any other health care service using a multi-disciplinary approach. Each patient receives a comprehensive individual evaluation upon which the treatment recommendations are based. Selecting from a large menu of services, a truly individualized treatment plan is arrived at by the patient, the treatment team, and if appropriate, the family. After treatment is started, the plan is modified as needed. The length and intensity of treatment is also completely individual and flexible. We do whatever we can and we stay with you as long as it takes. We aren't a program, we're a clinic.

At Alltyr Clinic, "We Don't Just Call Addiction a Disease, We Treat It Like One."TM

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